Our Mission

HOME was formed by a group of concerned women in Austin, Texas, for the purpose of providing financial housing assistance for aging musicians in need. To do so, HOME works to channel the generous donations of those who love Austin music toward easing those challenges.

HOME  is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization that strives to create more security for aging musicians of the Austin, Texas, music scene by providing financial grant assistance and other assistance, including referrals to available resources. The performers who put Austin on the musical map have spent most of their careers working without a safety net. As they age, the fall from the tight rope becomes increasingly perilous. 


Miss Lavelle White

Legendary blues and soul songwriter/singer Miss Lavelle White has inspired women and men on and off the stage for more than 75 years, since she wrote her first song at the age of 12. Today, at 87, she is still an amazing performer. Miss Lavelle is one of HOME's first and most grateful benefactors. Join us in providing a safety net for so many like Miss Lavelle who have given their hearts and souls to entertain, inspire and mentor us for so many years.


We began our focus assisting with the housing needs of Miss Lavelle White - she was our pilot program and honorary recipient of our initial effort. Program expansion is currently underway, as we are now assisting many new musicians in need with grants for housing and utilities.